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you’ll be astounded by the quality of our commercial shop fitting services sydney

complete fitout services sydney

You’ve found the perfect space but it’s just that. A space. Borg Projects can transform your commercial premises into an exquisite environment that people will want to spend time in. A lot of time. We offer complete shop fitting, design, manufacture and onsite project management internal commercial building services across Sydney. With a comprehensive list of skills and partnerships with some of the best people in the industry, we truly believe we can make just about anything happen.

We have joined forces with some of the best retail commercial designers. We can arrange drawings for you to peruse so you know ahead of time exactly what you are investing in.

Once armed with drawings, we can transform your space into something so unique and special it makes you stand out from a crowded market.

We impress you so you can impress others.

If you want a premises that is on trend…we know what those trends are and can help to guide you using our vast array of experience. If you want something classic and timeless, we can do that too.

From raw, edgy and a little bit industrial to chic and luxurious.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

What do we mean by commercial building services?

Our commercial building and shopfitting services include:


Shopfitting generally involves taking a bare space and literally fitting it out. At Borg Projects we use customised cabinetry, shelving, counters and other internal fittings. We are masters at taking a blank canvas and making it a stunning, contemporary retail space.

retail joinery:

Our retail joinery is one of the things we are most proud of. It’s where our craftsmanship and perfectionist streak really come into their own. We manufacture locally in Australia and install all retail joinery to exacting standards so that everything is straight, strong and pleasing to the eye.


Your shopfront is your first impression on your client. You don’t want to make a poor one. We’ll make sure that people do a double take when they see your shopfront. It will help to lure them in. People have a lot of choices in the retail, hospitality and other sectors. We’ll help your potential customers choose you.

office fit outs:

Studies have shown that a work environment has a marked effect on employee performance. Give them a beautiful space to work in and they work more efficiently and provide better customer service. An office environment that looks fantastic contributes to a positive workplace culture, with less conflict and often less absenteeism. It also gives you a showpiece you can use to woo your clients.

floor coverings:

No flooring in place or is it just worn out, dated and tacky? We’ve got you covered. We have a large selection for you to choose from. From sleek floorboards, luxurious carpets and contemporary tiles. Good design starts from the ground up.


If you are a supplier of a product that needs to be displayed, you need to frame that product like a masterpiece. Think about what the wrong frame does to a beautiful artwork. You don’t want to ruin the look of your quality products because you have skimped on your showroom. We have designed and built countless showrooms. It’s one of our specialties. Don’t trust this highly important job to just any shopfitter. When it comes to showrooms, you want an expert on your side.


Our bathrooms are the envy of everyone who sees them. Your clients and employees will be wowed by our luxuriously appointed bathrooms. It’s a detail that is often overlooked. An old bathroom that is out of date, can ruin a client’s experience with your company. Our bathrooms show people that you not only care about their comfort but that you, as a business, are modern and forward thinking.

office partitions:

Working in an open plan office can be noisy, distracting and may not be conducive to work. At Borg Projects we can fit your office with office partitions so that people have their own space to work in. After all, if you can’t hear yourself think, how much work can you really get done in a day?


If you want or need something stunning made from timber, we can use our carpentry skills to do that for you. We have the capacity and know how to make rich timber display cases, arresting feature walls, counters and bars. If you want to add a touch of warmth to your space, timber really can make an awesome statement.

steel fabrication:

For a crisp, contemporary look, the pieces we design from steel are a class all of their own. We can supply stunning stainless-steel balustrading, platforms and handrails. We can also supply and provide you with ideas for architectural steel works designs. If you want a piece that really draws the right kind of attention to your premises, ask us about our steel works.

We work with all types of businesses and industries from corporate and education to health, beauty and retail to hospitality and more such as showrooms, cafes, hair and beauty salons, daycare, preschool, offices, real estate, retail shops and car dealerships.

Get a quote to meet your commercial shop fit out today. You’ll be glad you spoke to Borg Projects.

look after your valuable assets with the pure professionals at borg projects

sydney commercial property maintenance 

Borg Projects offers commercial property maintenance in that ensure your valuable assets continue to look sensational.

Many large commercial properties just aren’t shown the love that they deserve, and this will have an affect on you as the owner. You will not be able to command the rent that you should if properties look run down or shabby.

Your tenants will move onto the latest development if that’s what their customers do. To stop this happening, use Borg Projects to maintain your property in first rate condition.

We offer a myriad of property management services:

We work with most industries, including:

Wellness centres
Nail salons
Hairdressers and stylists
Corporate offices
Beauty salons
Retail stores
Hospitality cafes and restaurants
Showrooms and suites
Real estate offices
And more…


We can repair or replace gyprock or ceilings if they become damaged and dented. We have the skills to take the job from framework to completion if need be. Gyprock that has holes, scrapes or indents are a dead give away that your property is not cared for.


New paint gives your commercial premises an instant facelift. By painting the property or sections of it, it will automatically look fresher, newer and more contemporary. Nothing dates a property quite as quickly as dirty paint or paint colours that are no longer on trend.


Lights flickering or air conditioning not functioning? We have the resources to see to those issues for you. A pleasant experience relies on fabulous lighting, an ambient temperature, and automatic doors that open and close. If you have any kind of electrical problems in your commercial property, Borg Projects should be your first port of call for maintenance.

carpentry and joinery:

If you have carpentry or joinery that is damaged or needs updating, Borg Projects can help. We are expert carpenters and joiners. The quality of our work is unrivalled. This is because we look at finest details of a job.


Poorly maintained flooring is one of the major causes of trip and fall injuries in commercial premises. You simply cannot afford to leave your flooring in a poor state. By failing to call us to fix your flooring issues you are potentially opening yourself up for colossal financial costs in the form of damages.

commercial bathrooms:

Poorly maintained bathrooms are often unhygienic, the cause of accidents and are extremely off putting. Borg Projects can make your commercial bathrooms a true showpiece. A showpiece that is not only good-looking but also safe.

These are just some of our offerings. We can also make your property wheelchair accessible, ensure it complies with building codes and Australian standards, deal with mechanical maintenance issues, look after carpark maintenance, sort out roofing issues and more.

No matter what your commercial property maintenance needs are, Borg Projects can help.

Call or email us for further details. We would be honoured to take care of your property.

the process


Attention to detail and creative problem solving are key to an innovative and functional design. We’ll propose a suitable design, the best materials and creative solutions to ensure a quality result.

afforadble design

Borg Projects offer solutions to work in with your budget without compromising on quality, function and design.

onsite detail

We’ll meet you onsite to discuss your unique project and ensure no detail is forgotten for a precise delivery from start to finish.


Borg Projects will arrive on time and the expert team will deliver quality workmanship and a seamless experience.