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if they don’t, you may end up with a space that’s all wrong

we’re the wellness centre shopfitter that understands you’re business

At Borg Projects we take time to develop a deep understanding of your business.

As wellness centre shopfitters, we know that you need a space that complements your services.

You can’t expect people to get results from these services, no matter how well they’re delivered, if the atmosphere isn’t conducive to healing the mind and body.

A great deal of your success will come down to customer experience.

If you get it wrong, your business is unlikely to flourish.

But get it right, and customers will flock to your wellness centre.

finding the right space and location for your wellness centre

Borg Projects will tell you what can and can’t be achieved in the spaces you’re considering for your wellness centre.

They’ll be there from the very beginning to make sure you get exactly what you want and what your customers deserve.

getting your layout right

The wrong layout can spoil the perfect space.

A chaotic layout leads to a chaotic client experience, which flies in the face of everything you’re trying to do for your clients.

Borg Projects will maximise your space and create a flow that makes sense. This will ensure your clients leave your space feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and calm.

your wellness centre’s design can affect your reputation and income stream

The last thing you want, after you’ve spent an age dreaming about creating or updating your wellness centre, is a space that doesn’t reflect your brand or your mission.

When looking for a shopfitter for your wellness centre, look for someone who asks a lot of questions. Questions about what it is you do and what you want your clientele to feel when they spend time in your space.

If they don’t, you’ll end up with a generic interior space that doesn’t do the required job.

If your wellness centre is all hardlines, harsh colours and inappropriate lighting, your clients are going to leave feeling stressed and disappointed. And they’re likely to share that disappointment with others.

Even having the wrong acoustics can leave clients feeling less than relaxed.

things that your shopfitter should talk to you about

You want a beautiful space that puts clients at ease. Right?

Creating such a space comes down to the minute details.

So, if your shopfitter’s repertoire only includes the basics, such as counters, walls, and joinery, you’re not going to get a space that has the kind of atmosphere you and your clients desire.

At Borg Projects, we collaborate with amazing designer X PLUS O. We’ll work together to consider every single detail.

We’ll make suggestions about:

  • Cloud-like yet durable upholstery and cushions that clients won’t see anywhere else
  • Lighting that is conducive to relaxation
  • Feature lighting that highlights your products perfectly
  • Signage and an entrance area that sets the tone and makes the right first impression
  • Materials that will make your space incredibly special, from timbers to stone to metals to paint colours and tiling
  • All your joinery needs (this is a particular speciality of ours – all joinery is manufactured by our sister company Ink Joinery)
  • Custom made fittings, from your basins to the hooks your clients will hang their robes and towels on
  • Aspects of your space that should be showcased, for example, feature walls or soaring ceilings
  • Flooring that will stand up to a lot of foot traffic and look beautiful at the same time
  • Mirrors, where they should be placed and what shape they should be
  • And much more

We will happily discuss any ideas you have and investigate how we can make them work.

You’ll then receive a bespoke plan that is on brand and distinguishes you from your competitors.

At the end of the day, we want you to have a space that functions well and wows clients.

After all, clients who are super impressed with your wellness centre are likely to come back and recommend you to others.

This leads to a steady income and healthy profit line. Taking the time to get your fit out right will contribute to you succeeding where others fail.


how can you be sure Borg Projects is the right shopfitter for you?

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That’s simple. All you have to do is look at our body of work.

We recently completed a project for Body WRL (Wellness-Recovery-Longevity) who opened a wellness centre in Rosebery. Take a look at what we achieved. We don’t like to boast but we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

We were involved in every step of the process on the Body WRL project.

We helped them to find the right space and worked with X PLUS O to produce the ultimate design for them.

We brought the design to life ensuring that every detail was perfectly executed.

Borg Projects can run every aspect of your fit out. From interior design to 3D drawings to bespoke joinery and installation. We can do it all.


Borg Projects are your one stop shop for fit outs

You don’t have to deal with the headache of involving multiple trades and project managing the job.

Borg Projects can look after everything for you, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

clients we work with

If you offer the following services, you need a space that will lull your clients into a profound state of relaxation: acupuncture, float tank experiences, sauna sessions, LED light therapy, cryotherapy, oxygen chamber sessions, breathing and meditation chairs, naturopathy, nutritional advice from a dietitian, kinesiology, raindrop technique massages, remedial massages, energy healing, reiki, essential oils treatments, oxygen bar sessions, yoga classes or salt therapy.

Borg Projects can create a serene environment for your clients so that they get the full benefit of their treatments.

Looking for a shopfitter for your wellness centre?

Talk to Borg Projects today about creating a luxury space for your clientele.

tefal retail stand | department store display stand | design | manufacture | build | sydney cbd myer | joinery