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When your product is being sold in a larger department store or showroom, or promoted at a busy exhibition, it can be hard to make it stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is to showcase your products in a custom design retail stand.

This is one of the services provided by highly-experienced shopfitters Borg Projects.

No matter where they are used, custom retail stands, display cases, showroom displays, and exhibition stands increase the perceived value of the product and help to increase sales.

When your products are being presented in a sea of items, a retail stand acts as a large blinking neon arrow. This arrow tells customers that what is on the stand is important. It tells them that they need to look at the items on the stand above all other things in the store.

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Even if you have your own stand-alone store, retail stands can help to highlight products that you want to draw your customer’s attention to.

Custom retail stands can also be used to elevate the status of your brand.

Coveted jewellers do this particularly well with retail stands that are opulent and carefully lit. By paying attention to the fine details of their retail stands and displays, they make their jewellery look much more appealing and valuable.

Borg Projects recently completed a custom retail stand for Tefal. The stand was installed in the Sydney CBD Myer store. When customers are shopping for kitchen goods in this large department store, they will not be able to overlook Tefal’s products.

Because the display stand has been designed to stand out.

Retail stands turn browsers into buyers.


Borg Projects, in partnership with Ink Joinery, can design and produce a custom design retail stand that is completely on brand and specifically created to market your products. This is done by carefully selecting materials that complement your brand identity. We can even incorporate your logo, colour scheme, signage and other marketing materials and message into your retail or exhibition stand. This gives your brand a unified image that will help to advance your name and products in the retail industry. Such retail stands create a point of difference between you and your competition. And in such a competitive market, every little thing you can do to get your name out there is of major importance. Well-made and carefully designed retail stands will make you your brand stand out.

We use a range of materials to create retail stands.

We can design retail stands for kitchenware, fashion items, jewellery, make-up brands and products and so on. The list really is endless. Suffice to say if you’ve got a product you’d like to display, we can create the perfect retail stand for it.  

They can be used in just about any retail setting.

Borg Projects, working together with sister company Ink Joinery, will look after your custom-made retail stand from start to finish. This allows us to ensure that the quality of our stands is top-notch. We’ll organise the design, we’ll manufacture and then install your retail stand for you. You don’t have to deal with a myriad of companies. This makes life easier for you. It also makes the process completely seamless.

We do a lot of the work off-site, to minimise any disruption to your customers and your business. We’ll do all that we can to make sure that the installation of your stand doesn’t cause hassles for your staff and customers.  

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Let us customise your ideal retail stand and watch the customers flock to your display.

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