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Borg Projects and Ink Joinery work in perfect harmony to deliver and install incredibly refined joinery pieces:

the commercial joinery specialists

When you’re fitting out a shop for a new business venture, refurbishing a tired salon space, or designing a new office environment, commercial joinery is probably the last thing on your mind.

You’re likely to get swept up in the excitement of the big picture. But you need to focus on the finer details like the quality and suitability of your joinery too.

If you don’t get the details right, the dreamy image you had in your mind can go from masterpiece to “disaster-piece” very quickly.

At Borg Projects, we’ve taken one giant step to ensure that we bring your dream to life precisely as you envisioned it.  

enter Ink Joinery

We’re relentlessly driven to ensure your fit-out isn’t disappointing.

We w­ant to see that smile on your face and your little happy dance when we hand your space back to you.

We want to make sure that you are delighted with the finished product.

That’s why we founded our sister company, Ink Joinery.

All our joinery is created in-house by Ink Joinery.

We never outsource it.

This gives us total control over the quality of your joinery.

It also allows us to customise any piece of joinery specifically to your needs.

And it means you don’t have to source other trades or look endlessly for joinery pieces that probably won’t meet your precise requirements.

why is commercial joinery so important?

Joinery pieces are likely to be a big part of your project.

These can include anything from cupboards to desks, to product display cabinets to reception areas and point of sale stations.

They have a significant impact on the overall look of your job.

Sometimes your shop-fitter or builder will outs outsource joinery to other companies.

Let’s face it, in business, image is everything.

On top of this, commercial joinery is used in high-traffic spaces.

To stand up to this heavy use, you need durable, well-made joinery that is up to the task.

Our joinery is built to last, so you won’t constantly be putting your hand in your pocket to replace your joinery or holding peeling laminate together with sticky tape.

the freedom of custom commercial joinery

The products you sell and the atmosphere you are trying to create are likely to be unique, memorable, and anything but cookie-cutter.

And if that’s the case, you need custom-made joinery pieces that meet your needs and communicate your brand message.

Nothing needs to be standard when working with Borg Projects and Ink Joinery. We can create joinery products of any size and shape.

We understand that custom can sound expensive and scary.

You probably think you can’t afford it or that you don’t have the design eye needed to sketch what you want.

The good news is:

  1. We can work to your budget and still achieve an extraordinary result
  2. You can visit our showrooms for inspiration
  3. You can explain what the item is needed for and what you’d like it to look like, and we can draw it and make amendments to it until it’s perfect
  4. We make the process extremely straightforward and stress-free

how custom is custom joinery?

When you work with us, imagination is pretty much your only limitation.

We don’t offer a limited range of products in a couple of colours and call them custom.

We really can make bespoke pieces just for you.

We use an array of materials to make and finish your joinery projects. You or your designer are welcome to come into our showroom to view the variety of materials we can use for your project.

We’ve created and installed cabinetry cases for jewellers, display stands for flooring companies, reception desks for real estate agents, and product display stands for nail salons.

Have a look at some of our past work, and you’ll see what we mean when we say custom.


how do we produce such individual joinery items?

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We first shop draw your project for approval, and have the machinery and tools needed to craft highly detailed objects. From a CNC machine, edge banders, and panel saws, we have the right equipment to bring your joinery drawings to life. 

With these, we can make all different profile doors, cabinets, display cases, or any other joinery you might need.

We also have highly skilled and experienced commercial joinery staff on board, who make the seemingly impossible possible.

Our workers have a tonne of talent and an excellent work ethic, enabling us to meet deadlines and customer expectations.

next steps

Before you start your fit-out or commercial building job, speak to Borg Projects and ask them about the Borg Projects’ difference.

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