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Nicholas is the Director of Borg Projects. He is impassioned by the work he does. When you speak to Nicholas you can almost see ideas coming to life in his mind’s eye. And not just any ideas. These are aspirational ideas that will exceed your expectations.

Impossible is not a word that Nicholas likes to use. He has achieved what many others have been unable to because he is determined and because he is highly adept at what he does. He can approach problems from a variety of directions in order to find solutions and make things happen. He has developed a reputation for taking on difficult jobs that others shy away from. Nicholas has the creative mind of an artist and the skills of a fine craftsman – a marriage that will see you with a commercial premises others simply cannot deliver.

You will be hard pressed to find someone who cares more about their company, their clients and their work than Nicholas. Just watch how animated he becomes when he shows you past examples of his amazing work. His pride in what he does and how well he does it is evident and rightfully so.

Over the years Nicholas has worked for:

  • residential and commercial builders
  • a metal roofing company as a sheet metal worker
  • a large joinery company where he supervised staff
  • shopfitters where he honed his joinery and carpentry skills
  • direct clients as a project manager

In these roles he learnt, amongst other things, to:

  • operate sophisticated machinery
  • run a large joinery shop
  • manage a team
  • manage projects
  • carry out retail installs and fit outs
  • run a company
  • measure up and draw designs
  • manufacture and install joinery
  • oversee complex jobs with many moving parts

With a keen eye for design and architecture Nicholas has worked hard to perfect his trade so that he can take mere ideas and make them a reality. He understands the complex ins and outs of the building and construction industry. He knows where to source the best materials. He knows the best people to use to get a job done.

Seeing a gap in the market for next level commercial building, property maintenance services and local high quality joinery manufacture it was only a matter of time until Nicholas was to go on to become a project manager and to found Borg Projects. Nicholas established his company in 2013.

Since then he has made it his mission to be the best at what he does. Nicholas is now quietly determined to make Borg Projects the prestige commercial shopfitting and joinery manufacturing company in Sydney.

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Whilst Nicholas is responsible for design concepts and has the trade skills, Sarah is the backbone and driving force of the company. Having honed her skills for business operations in the recruitment industry, it is Sarah that makes Borg Projects the well-oiled machine it truly is.

Sarah’s warm and amiable nature makes her the perfect person to liaise with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure that everything happens precisely as it should. With strong insight, Sarah can clearly identify a client’s needs and to manage their enquiries. Sarah is a huge believer in customer service done the right way. She will go above and beyond to make sure clients are informed, aware and completely satisfied.

She is used to working on large projects and is calm and undaunted by the complexities of the jobs Borg Projects undertakes.

Sarah is a master at sourcing the right people for different jobs required. Her recruitment background means that she sees the values in the skills of various individuals and uses them to their best advantage to make Borg Projects the best commercial shopfitting, maintenance and manufacturing company it can be.

She has transferred her personal ethics into the business’s values and ethics. Sarah has ensured that the company maintains its high standards in all areas. She furthers Borg Projects’ mission to deliver exceptional work without ever compromising on quality. You can truly see Sarah’s mark on the company, and it is a mark of distinction.

Borg Projects would not be the thriving company it is today if it were not for her strong sense of direction and her business acumen.

Get in touch with Sarah today. You’ll be awed by her customer service.